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Kurulus Osman Episode 158 with Urdu Subtitles

In the latest episode of Kurulus Osman, the tension escalates as Osman Bey finds himself ensnared in a cunning trap. Amidst the chaos, the central question lingers: What will Osman Bey do when faced with Boran, his adversary, across the trap? Will Boran meet his demise at the hands of Osman Bey?

Kurulus Osman Episode 158 Urdu Subtitles – Key Events:

Osman Bey’s Struggle: Osman Bey relentlessly fights against the machinations set against him, showcasing his unwavering resolve.

Melike Hatun’s Revenge: Melike Hatun, fueled by her desire for vengeance against Alaeddin, Gonca, and the Kayı tribe, unveils a surprising plan that catches everyone off guard. What tactics will she employ to exact her revenge?

Gonca Hatun’s Dilemma: Caught in the midst of familial conflict, Gonca Hatun faces a critical decision as she stands against Yakup Bey to defend her love. What lies ahead for her?

Osman Bey’s Quest for Justice: Amidst the turmoil, Osman Bey endeavors to uncover the truth behind Ahmet’s murder and clear Alaeddin’s name. Will he succeed in his pursuit of justice?

The Role of the Kadi: The appointment of the Kadi, tasked with overseeing Alaeddin’s trial, becomes pivotal in determining the course of events. Osman Bey strategizes, believing the true murderer will target the Kadi next. What plans does he devise to thwart the impending danger?

Melike Hatun’s Alliance: In a surprising turn of events, Melike Hatun forms an alliance with Ulcay, urging him to eliminate the Kadi. Will Osman Bey’s intervention be sufficient to prevent the Kadi’s demise?


As the plot thickens and alliances shift, Kurulus Osman Episode 158 promises an intense narrative filled with gripping twists and turns. Stay tuned as Osman Bey navigates through treacherous waters, confronting adversaries and unraveling mysteries, all while striving to uphold justice and honor.

Don’t miss out on the latest developments in Kurulus Osman Episode 158 with Urdu subtitles, as the saga continues to captivate audiences with its riveting storyline and compelling characters.

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